A vote for Herring is a vote for progress

A vote for Herring is a vote for progress

By K.M. MacConomy, Alexandria
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To the editor:

Thirty years ago, I made my home in Virginia, coming across the Potomac from Georgetown by way of New York. My two children were born in Falls Church, raised there as well as in Arlington and Alexandria.

They grew up to be accomplished, successful and socially conscious adults. I am endlessly in awe of them, and it is my hope that they will always have cause to be proud of their Virginia heritage.

The Virginia of tomorrow demands a different vision than what we have seen coming out of Richmond the past four years. That future is predicated upon a change in leadership and being guided by a more progressive political compass.

A vote for Mark Herring on Tuesday is an investment in a Virginia for all. He proposes to provide the caliber of representation that extends across generational and gender gaps as well as beyond the partisan divide.

Herring’s opponent — and colleague in the Virginia Senate — Mark Obenshain is campaigning in the shadow of Ken Cuccinelli and his extreme social agenda.

In 2009, Obenshain sponsored a bill that would require a woman to report her miscarriage to the police within 24 hours. This would be an absolutely unnecessary and incalculably cruel intrusion upon a woman and her family at a time of profound sorrow.

Obenshain also worked with Cuccinelli on the personhood bill. Together, they co-sponsored legislation banning common forms of birth control. The state has no business inserting government mandates into the private lives of women, limiting their health care options and dictating personal decisions.

Herring has a proven record of placing the law and people above politics. He’s a problem solver who can reach across the aisle to advocate for fairness and equality.

He’ll support our service members, veterans and military families. He promises to diligently pursue child sexual predators and combat human trafficking throughout Virginia.

Every vote for Herring is a vote for all Virginians. Herring is for women. Virginia is for women. And this Virginia woman is for Mark Herring.