Alvin Crawley tapped to temporarily lead Alexandria City Public Schools


By Erich Wagner (Courtesy photo)

The school board announced Tuesday the appointment of Alvin Crawley as the district’s interim superintendent.

Crawley was previously interim superintendent of Prince George’s County Public Schools and before that served as assistant superintendent of student services and director of special education in Arlington. He replaces acting superintendent Margaret Walsh, who took over the district following the retirement of Morton Sherman in August.

School board chairwoman Karen Graf said they selected Crawley because of his experience and even-keeled approach to addressing achievement gaps.

“I feel like he has a very calm approach, which I believe Alexandria needs,” Graf said. “He’s a good communicator.”

Crawley was in the running for the superintendent position in Prince George’s until the county executive took control of the board. Graf said she was not concerned about what led him to drop out of that job search.

“I think the way he explained it to us was that it was not optimal,” Graf said. “He said he would prefer to work with a [traditional] school board.”

Crawley has a bachelor’s degree in communication disorders and education from Hampton University; he earned a master’s in speech and language pathology from Northeastern University in Boston. Crawley also has a doctorate in instructional leadership and administration from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

After an official announcement at the school board meeting tonight, Crawley will start Monday and continue as interim superintendent until the position is filled.



  1. I taught in the inferior Jefferson Houston School and endured better than some perhaps the mismanagement and teacher abused by a most angry and incompetent principal (who lacked certifications possibly to be placed in such a position in the Commonwealth of Virginia)….. and was somewhat pitiful but very damaging to our students!! Why does Alexandria City Public Schools entrust the future of our children to incompetent leaders (for higher incomes and funds which should be used to BETTER OUR STUDENTS????) and where does ACPS go to select ACPS Superintendents? 10/19/13