Developers are behind City Hall’s interest in boat club’s parking lot


By Dino Drudi, Alexandria
(Photo/File Photo) 

To the editor:

To Virginia’s credit, its Legislature and voters limited eminent domain last year. Even in liberal Alexandria, nearly three-fifths voted to restrict eminent domain.

But across the river, in ultra-liberal Washington, the city government is preparing to take land by eminent domain for a public-private project — a soccer stadium — something that Virginia does not allow.

To stay competitive, today’s Democrats can’t afford to be seen as anti-business, so they lavish favored companies with government benefits to compete with the Republicans’ laissez-faire approach to business regulations. As your editorial (“Waterfront lot is boat club’s domain,” October 10) stated, “Taking the boat club lot and building a plaza will directly benefit four companies that … want to develop land along the waterfront.”

For the Alexandria Times, that is a reason not to use eminent domain, but for City Hall, it is a reason for using eminent domain. The city has been dickering with the Old Dominion Boat Club for a long time, but the four companies’ eagerness to develop most likely is what has tipped City Hall toward eminent domain. The timing is no mere coincidence.



  1. Really, Do you think!
    In my Opinion, the Mayor and the COA City Council has been in the back pocket of the developers for years.
    But not to fear, the COA electorate is owned by the Democratic Party and do not have enough knowledge but to vote one-way.

    So Sad, so very sad!