There’s a reason Ken Cuccinelli is not talking about social issues


By Tom Osborne, Alexandria
(Photo/File Photo) 

To the editor:

At a recent small forum in Alexandria, I asked Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli whether his position on gay rights issues was evolving along with the rest of the country. While repeating his oft-stated mantra that social issues are not what he’s running on, he made clear that his opposition to any advance in rights for the LGBT community has not changed and he does not anticipate it will change.

Not surprising.

But more telling was his reference in the next sentence to “the people I represent.” I read two things into that. First, he’s not running on social issues because he knows that the people he represents are a distinct minority in Virginia.

Second, he does not even attempt to represent all Virginians, as one would expect of a governor or gubernatorial candidate. Cuccinelli appears only to be focused on representing a narrow slice of the electorate.
For all those still undecided in this election, I urge you to think hard about whom Cuccinelli represents — extreme social conservatives and their extreme agenda, not the rest of us.