What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

To the editor:

Please help me get over a pet peeve.

In the Out of the Attic column in the August 29 issue of the Alexandria Times, the paper continues the story of Adam Lynn Jr. and his property at 532 King St. This letter has nothing to do with the history of Lynn or his property, but by the paper’s annoying reference to Lynn Jr. throughout the article.

Good writers know that abbreviations behind one’s name — such as Sr., Jr., III, etc. — are not part of the person’s surname but are modifiers of the given name.

If I am John Smith Jr., I am not Smith Jr. but John Jr. (There is a John Sr. somewhere in the line). If I am Robert Griffin III, I am Robert III, not Griffin III. This is why his jersey makes no sense to me.

– Steven Young

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