Who knows Virginia better than Ken Cuccinelli?


By Linda Greenberg, Alexandria
(Photo/File Photo) 

Halloween is upon us and lots of scary things are in the wind. As a grandmother, I delight in seeing my grandchildren “think spooky.”

But I don’t like to “think spooky” when I think of Virginia’s government. I don’t like to think a man such as Terry McAuliffe would be the commonwealth’s next governor. That is a spooky thought.

McAuliffe makes lots of promises about creating jobs and then burdening us with environmental regulations. He talks about governing wisely but hasn’t shown that he knows how Virginia’s legislative process works. That is spooky.

I have no fears like that with Ken Cuccinelli, however. He knows Virginia and how our government works. He’s a worker for grandmothers like me.



  1. What a horrible comment of the Governor’s election. I mean seriously, are we supposed to take this person’s argument that she doesn’t think McAuliffe would be a good a Governor, because it is a “spooky” thought? Also, how is Cuccinelli helping grandmothers? How about some more detail next time.