Pursuing eminent domain likely a costly mistake


By Frank J. Bove, Arlington
(Photo/File Photo)

To the editor:

Allow me to add my name to the list of the many people who strongly urge the City of Alexandria not to take the costly and unnecessary step of attempting to seize land from the Old Dominion Boat Club by means of eminent domain.

The cost of pursuing such an attempt, which undoubtedly will be opposed by the boat club, will be huge. It will only add to the already enormous amount of money that has been spent over many decades in what has thus far been an unnecessary and unsuccessful fight with the group over its land.

Secondly, even if the city were to prevail in the lengthy litigation that surely will result from pursuing eminent domain, the cost of buying such valuable waterfront property is an expense that local taxpayers cannot afford. Finally, such an attempt to take the property flies in the face of the very strict state constitutional amendment regarding eminent domain that was passed overwhelmingly by the voting public just last year.



  1. City Hall’s arrogance in dealing with citizens’ private property is truly remarkable. You do not want to sell, so we will force you? These are the same politicians, of course, who think citizens’ bank accounts are nothing but municipal slush funds, which they access by raising taxes for whatever projects suit their fancies.