Republicans aren’t scary at the local level

Republicans aren’t scary at the local level

By Michael Ford, Alexandria

To the editor:

The editorial cartoon in the October 31 edition of the Alexandria Times caricatured Republicans as the walking dead, ghouls who attack and eat each other. I guess we are living in the age where if someone disagrees with you, they are branded enemies, called evil and equated with Adolf Hitler.

I will not spend time noting all of the many shortcomings of the Democratic Party — I’m sure everyone can do that on their own. However, I will remind everyone that the reason that our waterfront is being essentially sold to the highest bidder is because the Democrats who rule this city are confident that voters will bark at them but still vote them in year after year.

We had two Republicans on the previous city council, and the waterfront plan was held in abeyance. When they went, the waterfront was put up for sale.

No maritime museum, no grand extensions of the parks, but plans for boutique hotels. All because people are terrified that Dick Cheney’s ghost (This is a joke. I know he’s not dead.) will haunt them and their NPR card will be invalidated if they vote for a Republican or an independent who sympathizes with the GOP.

How could the city councilors behind all of these waterfront projects act more like Republicans, as understood by the Alexandrian voter? Those of you who oppose the waterfront plan should get over it because you kicked out the two city councilors who voted against it. Get used to a privatized waterfront, because to do anything else would be, well, Republican.

Lastly, a note to the Times’ editorial cartoonist: The walking dead do not attack and eat each other. They eat the living.