The Christmas season doesn’t end December 25

The Christmas season doesn’t end December 25

By Kenneth J. Wolfe, Alexandria

To the editor:

Advent? What Advent? I hope Port City residents and businesses, having decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving, will not tear down all of the lights, wreaths, ornaments and Christmas trees until at least after the 12 days of Christmas have concluded.

For anyone who hasn’t sung the song, the 12 days of Christmas begin, not end, December 25.

The Epiphany, when the three wise men arrived in Bethlehem after those 12 days, is January 6. The baptism of Jesus Christ is an octave later — January 13. In fact, the Christmas season is traditionally 40 days, starting December 25 and concluding February 2.

This is why churches, such as Saint Mary’s in Old Town, are decorated for Christmas during those 40 days, and not before or after.

So, even if you celebrated Christmas all throughout Advent, please keep the decorations up through the actual Christmas season that begins with the holiday. Don’t cut the season short.