Many thanks to officer Webb

Many thanks to officer Webb

By Katherine Viar, Alexandria
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To the editor:

On the morning of December 16, my husband and I — as well as a couple of our neighbors — had the horrible experience of finding our cars vandalized.

Given the lack of available street parking in our neighborhood, we’ve resorted to renting parking spaces in a small parking garage in the southeast quadrant of Old Town that we thought was secure. But a vandal entered the garage the previous evening or early that morning and dumped white paint on our cars.

While that’s obviously a horrible way to start a Monday morning, I wanted to acknowledge the Alexandria police officer who came to the scene to assist us and take our reports. Officer Webb was just great and helped us through a very stressful situation. He went above and beyond to enlist the help of building management to clean off our cars so that we could safely drive to an auto detailer to have the paint removed.

He even called the next day to check up on us and make sure our cars were not permanently damaged. It may seem like a small thing compared to the more serious crimes and calls for assistance he confronts in his line of work, but it meant a lot to my neighbors and me.

I normally write to the editor to complain about what’s wrong with the city’s policies, but it feels great to write about something that’s positive. Thanks, officer Webb!