Utility company lends volunteer firefighters a hand


By Derrick Perkins (File photo)

The Alexandria Volunteer Fire Department got a boost from Virginia American Water last week, receiving a $6,000 donation from the utility company.

The money is slated for specialized equipment that officials say will help fight fires in Old Town. The utility company made the donation through the American Water Charitable Foundation.

“We would like to thank Virginia American Water for its generous gift, which will enhance our partnership in operations during a severe water main break or water pressure reducing event,” said Deputy Fire Chief Scooter Slade. “The equipment we will purchase with these funds will help us obtain an indispensable option to flow more water using Alexandria’s fire boat ‘relief,’ as well as preserve some capacity of the municipal water supply.”

William Walsh, president of Virginia American Water, said the donation is meant to recognize and thank Alexandria’s volunteer firefighters as well as to let residents sleep a little more soundly.

“[It] is our pleasure to extend some financial assistance that makes their job a little bit easier and makes residents a little bit safer. … Through this grant, we recognize them and thank them for their service,” he said.