City officials — not residents — made the waterfront debate contentious


By Kathleen Kust, Alexandria
(File Photo)

To the editor:

Over the years that the waterfront redevelopment plan was created, debated and pushed through, Mayor Bill Euille has consistently denigrated anyone with different ideas.

He and his allies on the city council have successfully framed those with views and motivations other than theirs as cranky outliers. This turned a public discussion with serious input from some of our most caring and knowledgeable residents into a lopsided, personal grudge match.

Why not serve the people who will be affected the most and those throughout the city who agree with them? Ugly warehouses once blocked out the sun here. That’s no excuse to do it again.

It’s depressing to watch this thing unfold. It seems that maximizing profits for some individuals is the most powerful influence, while shared values of scale and function honed by long experience are given no weight.