Times’ reporting on serial killer possibility fell woefully short


By Ronald Scott, Alexandria
(File Photo)

To the editor:

The February 20 issue of the Alexandria Times posited the question: A serial killer in Alexandria?

The article noted that a firearm was used in the murders of Ruthanne Lodato, Ronald Kirby and Nancy Dunning, but the reporter failed to ask basic follow-up questions. Were casings found at some murder sites but not others? If so, then two different guns were used, undermining the serial killer theory.

Similarly, what caliber bullets were recovered during the autopsies? While not conclusive, different caliber bullets would suggest different killers. Finally, with months having gone by, surely ballistic testing has been performed to compare the Kirby and Dunning bullets, if not all three. What are the results?

While the Times correctly noted that our community is gripped by fear, answering these basic questions would either legitimize that fear or dispel it. As the newspaper of record for Alexandria, the Times owes its readers true investigative reporting.



  1. Quotes from Ronald Scott…

    “If so, then two different guns were used, undermining the serial killer theory”
    “different caliber bullets would suggest different killers”

    You do know it’s possible for one person to own multiple guns, right?

    Something tells me that “Ronald Scott” is Scott Gordon, former candidate for Alexandria’s city council.