We should welcome change with open arms

We should welcome change with open arms

By Bob Kaufman, Alexandria
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To the editor:

Not all of us fear change or the future growth and development of Old Town. Not all of us fear affordable homes, mixed-income neighborhoods or our young households. Not all of us fear vibrancy and youth.

We are comfortable that our city government, our city councilors and our planning department can, and will, manage our infrastructure and quality of life as we absorb young people, expand our economy and enlarge our job base, housing stock and — most especially — our amenities. In fact, thoughtful planning has been proven to reduce car traffic by encouraging walking and bicycling while expanding mass transit infrastructure, like the forthcoming dedicated bus lanes along Route 1.

The unique story of Alexandria — a center of private commerce, competent and creative government, mixed-income housing, diversity, art and great restaurants — will continue with thoughtful planning that incorporates the latest technology and respects our culture and history. And that requires participation from residents and an affirmative effort by our planning department to engage all of our communities.

While a few may remain dissatisfied, no one can complain honestly that their voices were not heard. We have heard it, now let’s embrace our bright and vibrant future through continued partnership with our government, diverse communities, business community, and our cultural and historical heritage.

Frankly, I look forward to walking to the waterfront with my dog and enjoying our new shoreline while greeting our guests from all over the world, people who visit and fall in love with Old Town. I also anticipate welcoming new residents as they join this grand community.