Removing parking spaces makes life harder for all

Removing parking spaces makes life harder for all

By Bill Turner, Alexandria
(File Photo)

To the editor:

I certainly concur with Townsend Van Fleet’s insight into Alexandria’s parking situation (“The war on parking picks up steam,” April 3). It seems that the prevailing wisdom at City Hall is that our city’s residents and its visitors will have to just work a little harder to find a place to park.

I believe the misguided thinking goes even further with the belief that these all-important visitors will keep coming and spending money no matter what. Take away 27 spaces here or another 10 there, what difference does it make? People can find the underground parking spots or, even better, they can walk or bike to Old Town.

To me, this sounds a bit like social engineering. I also would like someone to take a poll of those working for the city government — specifically those who make these decisions — to find out how many of them have a designated (and subsidized) parking spot within a short walk to their office.

Like Van Fleet, I am very concerned that this situation is only going to get worse.