Stand behind Mark Levine on June 10

Stand behind Mark Levine on June 10

By Alfred Muller, Alexandria
(File Photo) 

To the editor:

I’m an entrepreneur and former naval officer who strongly supports Mark Levine’s campaign for the 8th Congressional District of Virginia.

I was first introduced to Levine by his TV and radio appearances, where his well-researched and fact-based arguments made him stand out among the mindless partisan pundits. Levine is the only candidate vying to win the June 10 Democratic primary with significant experience working in D.C. — and with both parties — to pass important legislation.

The other candidates tout their experience working with Richmond at the state level. While this is laudable, we need a representative who has a proven record of achievement at the national level and who actually knows how to navigate the federal system.

Levine is loud — unapologetically so — and we need somebody in Washington to push loudly for what is right. Among several candidates who are former lobbyists, Levine is only a lobbyist for the people, taking no money from corporations.

He spearheaded legislation on domestic abuse that was widely supported by Democrats and Republicans and crafted the marriage equality bill. He is the only candidate with a specific plan to tackle the critical issue of college cost and student debt. He will be the first loud voice in the commonwealth to stand up for Virginia against the environmentally destructive mining industry in West Virginia.

I have urged all of my friends — Democrats, Republicans and independents — to stand behind him. We all benefit from sending somebody effective to Capitol Hill. We are lucky to have a strong pool of candidates in this race, but there is only one that I feel confident can win and then stand up strongly for us: Mark Levine.