Wait, our congressmen are worried about what?

Wait, our congressmen are worried about what?

By Karen Ann DeLuca, Alexandria

To the editor:

Aside from it being the wrong message, U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-8) was the wrong messenger to claim that the majority millionaire members of our do-nothing Congress need a pay raise because they’re required to maintain two homes. The outgoing representative lives in Northern Virginia, so he doesn’t.

On a more serious note, since the mostly guys (but some gals) on Capitol Hill have been acting like children for some time now, perhaps an all-around solution would be to treat them accordingly.

Convert an empty government building into a dorm where they can all live together at collegiate room and board rates. Think “Animal House” meets the National Zoo.

It wouldn’t be cheap, but likely much less than renting or buying in the metropolitan area.
With their fiscal and housing — ahem — problems solved, perhaps they will then finally be able to focus on their constituents and the issues that plague them. You know, their jobs.