When Democrats control 
democracy: a case study

When Democrats control 
democracy: a case study

By Jimm Roberts, Alexandria
(File Photo)

To the editor:

I’ve always wondered what happens when Democrats control a democracy. Alexandria is a great petri dish for this sort of experiment. Not only is it full of Democrats, it’s full of the best kind: government employees.

Alexandria is awash with them. Understandably, their proclivity is to turn to government for leadership, solutions and redress. To this mindset, the government is not the servant — it’s the master.

Earlier this year, our master conquered. It vanquished the Old Dominion Boat Club.

The city used threats and $5 million of our money to crush a venerable organization composed of private citizens. The city coveted the club’s property. It appears that what never belonged to the city is nearly in its hands.

Unless the Democratic Party in our city reworks the way in which the mayor and city councilors are elected, there is nothing to restrain the city government. Our local Democratic Party has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams. It has fashioned a voting system that insulates its nominees from opposition.

By arranging for local elections to coincide with national elections, and by preventing communities from electing representatives, the Democratic Party ensured that whomever party stalwarts select will be elected to office.

It’s hard to believe that a political party whose elixir is social justice took these steps. They suppress minority voices and marginalize views contrary to those espoused by the Democratic Party. It’s not very democratic at all.

But back at water’s edge, unless I missed it, the waterfront our city leaders are intent on giving us — whether we want it or not — has neither shape nor price. It just boasts design concepts and cost estimates.

When both finally materialize, it won’t be the taxpayers deciding on either shape or price; it will be those placed in office by the Democratic Party apparatchik, which selects our office holders in their political primary.

It’s democracy all right, but democracy shamefully writ small.