Obey the rules or get a ticket


By Charles Hulfish, Alexandria
(File Photo)

To the editor:

Thank you to the Alexandria Police Department for stepping up enforcement of our traffic laws when it comes to bicyclists. Now we need our judges to stand behind them.

Like so many area residents, I am frustrated by the inconsiderate bicyclists routinely blowing through stop signs and crosswalks. All too often a bike will come blazing through an intersection just as I am trying to do so in my car or on foot. Traffic laws, stops signs and red lights apply to both cars and bicycles.

I was very pleased to see city police officers pulling over and ticketing bicyclists recently for running stop signs. I hope the enforcement continues and the cycling community gets the message — let’s share the roads responsibly.

Apparently, though, these traffic tickets are being dismissed when they go to court. In my conversations with several of the officers, they shared their frustration that these tickets for traffic violations are being dismissed by the judges. That is not right. Our traffic laws are there for the safety of all, and they should be enforced.

I ask our judges to please support us and our police department and not dismiss these tickets. Without penalties and consequences, violations will continue. Show your support for safety on our streets and stop dismissing tickets given to bicyclists.

I applaud the police department’s enforcement effort. I hope that it continues and the message gets out to those few bicyclists that continue to flaunt the traffic laws.




  1. This is interesting mostly because I routinely see Mr. Charles Hulfish operating his car while texting and talking on his cell phone. Clearly he feels like he is above the law while trying to make it seem as though simple bicycle riding is somehow a derelict activity.

    I assure you, from this day forward I certainly will not be using Burke & Herbert Bank for any business. What a jerk this fellow is for even suggesting his opinion.