Volunteers keep us in good health

Volunteers keep us in good health

By Nick Carosi III, Member of the 1872 Society and chairman of the board of Inova Health System
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To the editor:

I was honored to attend the 1872 Society annual reception last week at Joe Viar’s home to celebrate the group’s members as well as the members of The Twig and to especially honor Kathy Hirsh as this year’s Julia Johns Award winner.

While listening to the presentations, I was reminded of how fortunate we are in the Alexandria community to have a first class medical facility such as Inova Alexandria Hospital.

One of the many reasons that Inova Alexandria Hospital is so great is because of the hard work of the 1872 Society and The Twig, which so many people have engaged in for the betterment of health care for all of our neighbors. Our hospital has a unique position in the Inova hospital system as a leader in encouraging our neighbors and friends to do so much for their local hospital. Our special situation is hard to find anywhere in the United States, especially in an urban setting such as ours. We are lucky to be living in this area.

My thanks go to the health care professionals, the volunteers and especially those involved in the foundations that make Inova Alexandria Hospital such a great place.