Vote for Hope next week

Vote for Hope next week

By David Cordell, Alexandria
(Courtesy Photo)

To the editor:

As an Alexandria resident since 1988, I am proud to be voting for Delegate Patrick Hope in the Democratic primary on June 10.

While there are many able candidates, Hope is the candidate who speaks out on behalf of those with no voice. In particular, as the father of a son with autism, I have been impressed with his willingness to stand up for those with disabilities in his campaign speeches — and more importantly with his actions. So many politicians ignore those with disabilities. Hope embraces them and speaks on their behalf.

My son, and the hundreds of thousands who have disabilities, need a voice in Congress. Hope has not only has talked the talk but also walked the walk.

Apart from his support on this issue, there are so many reasons why he is the right choice. Whether it is speaking out on behalf of those in solitary confinement, advocating for the expansion of Medicaid, fighting for cleaner air or stricter gun control, standing against payday lenders or defending a woman’s right to choose, Hope has the progressive values we need on Capitol Hill.

I urge all Alexandrians to join me in electing Hope to the U.S. House of Representatives. You will find no one better to speak out for all residents of the 8th District. I ask you to take the time to restore hope to politics by voting for Patrick Hope on Tuesday.