Anti-Semitism is not the reason why organizations choose to divest from Israel

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By Timothy Conway, Alexandria
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To the editor:

The recent Presbyterian vote to divest from corporations “that do business in Israel,” has absolutely nothing to do with anti-Semitism (“It’s time to stand against anti-Semitism,” June 26).

They voted to divest from those corporations because the businesses have played active parts in Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and because the Israeli occupation has been ongoing for almost half a century. Alexandria Times Publisher Denise Dunbar asks why the Presbyterians haven’t singled out other countries with more egregious sins on their hands.

The difference is that their war machine doesn’t get funded by U.S. taxpayers — to the tune of $3 billion annually — and U.S. corporations haven’t been actively complicit in their human rights abuses for five decades.

I spent four years living in Israel. I saw firsthand the brutalization of which I speak. To reject the funding of the brutalization of innocents is hardly “moral cowardice.” It is the opposite.




  1. Israel needs our support now more than ever. Nothing stands in the way of peace except islamic militarism. Israel was open to two state solution from the very beginning in 1948 when they got attacked by EVERY SINGLE SURROUNDING ARAB STATE. Palestinias are victims of their own militant leaders. Israel has the right to defend themselves. Shame on u for punishing our allies, the only democratic state in middle east!

  2. In what universe is firing rockets at innocent woman and children bravery! Yes this is the same old anti-sematic propaganda! Israel is arresting those who break the law. The Hamas/Palestinians are celebrating the child murders and protecting their abusers! What part of this abuse is acceptable!