College students owe Mark Warner a debt of gratitude


By Erin Parker, Alexandria
(File Photo)

To the editor:

This past month, thousands graduated from colleges and universities all across the country, including me. Having completed school, many of us face the next challenge: paying for it.

With the cost of college education skyrocketing, many students are forced to take out loans just to cover tuition. That’s not even counting food, living arrangements, supplies and so on.

Luckily, there are those in Congress who recognize how expensive college is getting and understand something must be done. It makes me proud that one of the biggest champions in this issue is the commonwealth’s own Sen. Mark Warner (D). Not only has Warner fought to keep student loan interest rates down, but he introduced a bill — with two Republicans no less — to make information about college expenses much easier to find and compare.

I was lucky. I got into a good school and came from a family with the resources to support me. Not everyone is so fortunate. So from them and from me, here’s a thanks to Mark Warner, for fighting for the next generation.




  1. Mark Warner, like most democrats, is missing an opportunity to help correct the problem of excessive student loan debt. The fundamental problem is that student loans and student aid are too easily had, and students have become price insensitive. College tuition has risen at several times the rate of inflation because there is little in the way of market forces to help keep tuition down.
    In recent decades, college administrative staffs have increased in size and cost dramatically. Universities have become bloated bureaucracies, soaking up the massive increases in tuition that are made “affordable” by cheap loans and government assistance. As a consequence, few students consider cost when making education decisions.
    Instead of more government assistance or cheaper loan rates, what we need is to get the government out of the education and education loan business. Mark Warner is just tinkering at the edges in his proposals, while supporting the Obama administrations takeover of student loans and the various plans to forgive student debt. Warner and the democrats will only make matters even worse. The government never learns the value of tough live, because “tough” rarely earns them votes.