Boat club deal sacrifices private property rights for whom?


By Kurt M. Kramer, Alexandria
(File Photo)

To the editor:

Shame on the city of Alexandria for sacrificing the rights of private individuals to … well, whom, exactly?

Like a scene from an Ayn Rand novel, Alexandria has used the power of the gun to, yet again, force a private entity — the Old Dominion Boat Club — to conform to the whims of those who “know better than us.” In the Times’ coverage of the deal struck between City Hall and the boat club (“Done deal,” July 24), John Keegan was more right than he knew when he used the phrase “the ends justify the means.”

We’ve heard this slogan in history many, many times and have seen disastrous ends. In this case, that slogan can be translated as: The property rights of some individuals must be destroyed so that some unspecified others (The majority? The city council? Homeowners with views of the boat club?) may get their desires.

Make no mistake: This was, in fact, a case of eminent domain abuse under the sickening pretense of a mutual agreement. This sort of immorality must desist, or we will find ourselves losing more than just our property.




    • Because ideas matter. Because freedom matters. Because, in America, an individual’s life is supposed to be sovereign and his rights inviolable.

      Eminent domain is evil – another wretched step on the road to tyranny. Republics don’t fall overnight, you know.

  1. This is right on the money!

    The Socialist/Fascist government of Alexandria, Virginia
    can do no wrong. Doesn’t everyone know that Democrats
    are smarter than the rest of us? Aren’t they the party of the people?

    These power hungry plutocrats will stomp on anyone or anything
    that opposes them and their agenda. Welcome to one party rule!

    They are a mirror image of the national government ‘leadership’.
    This is what you get when you have too much power concentrated
    among too few people for too many years.

    It’s time for ‘the people’ to vote on term limits, so that the natural order
    of things can return.

    Thankfully, we still have a US constitution and the rights guaranteed to
    the citizenry of this republic. If it were up to this group – I wouldn’t hold my

    Our political class needs to be reigned in – The founding fathers never intended
    that we would have career politicians – never mind one party rule.

    If and when we have an orderly and regular change of political leadership at all
    levels of government – then things will gradually return to normal in the USA.

    Until then, our politicians are fortunately that we still have a rule of law. Otherwise,
    they might end up like Benito Mussolini, being dispatched by a crowd and hanging
    from their ankles in the public square.