Detective Julie Goble did right by us

Detective Julie Goble did right by us

By Mark Hemingway, Alexandria
(File Photo) 

To the editor:

Almost two years ago, our house in Rosemont was robbed.
We were burgled on a Friday afternoon and the man responsible was arrested the following Monday. My wife and I instantly were impressed by the effort of detective Julie Goble, who was very efficient in canvassing the neighborhood, not to mention in her work directing the other officers looking for evidence around our house.

We were even more impressed by the fact that she got the right result so quickly and was able to bring the man who robbed us to justice, as well as recover a few of our stolen items.

My wife and I have subsequently told many of our neighbors in Alexandria of our remarkable encounter with the local police department, and never fail to credit Goble and her conduct specifically.

We remain grateful.

So it was altogether shocking to read the article in the Alexandria Times about her demotion and gender discrimination lawsuit (“Officer sues police department for discrimination, harassment,” July 17).

Having dealt with her professionally, the treatment of her strikes us as unfair to say the least. My wife and I would gladly testify to her obvious competence.

Our experience suggests that the Alexandria Police Department has made a grave mistake that needs to be rectified.