Do not let the Alexandria Seaport Foundation slip off the radar


By Phyllis G. Sidorsky
(File Photo)

To the editor:

There has been a great deal of discussion regarding Alexandria’s plan for the future of the city’s waterfront. However, there would seem to be little attention paid to the future location of the Alexandria Seaport Foundation.

It is my fervent hope that the needs of this outstanding organization will be given serious attention, since it represents not only Alexandria’s continuing maritime tradition but also makes a positive difference in the lives of our young people.

Partnering with Alexandria City Public Schools and Arlington middle schools, the foundation is teaching technical, reading and math skills through hands-on, project-based learning. The organization also supports The Hammerheads, a local afterschool carpentry club.

Improving math skills and confidence in our young students is an important, modern day application. I hope that a satisfactory future location can be found for their continued success.




  1. When I first became involved in the waterfront development effort, as a part of those residents challenging the city’s “vision”, the t-shirt I wore said “Save Our Waterfront for History, Arts, and our Seaport” … I never really believed that these would ever be sacrificed to the short-term, monied interests, and questionable values of those at CIty Hall.

    The seeming demise of the Old Dominion Boat Club – the remaining historic organization and property on the river – and now, the impending death of the Seaport Foundation clearly demonstrate the cynical and delusional mindsets of both elected officials and staff at city hall.