Setting the record straight on bike lanes along Prince and Cameron streets

Setting the record straight on bike lanes along Prince and Cameron streets

By Yon Lambert, AICP Acting director, Alexandria Department of Transportation and Environmental Services

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To the editor:

Derrick Perkins’ recent article (“Prince and Cameron streets eyed for bike lanes,” August 14) generated several letters to the editor that were published on August 28. While we at City Hall appreciate the comments, I would like to ensure that readers have accurate information.

First, the proposal does not remove any parking along Cameron or Prince streets. Second, the goal of this project is to provide a safe, on-street bicycle route from the waterfront to the King Street Metro station.

Studies have shown that where bike lanes and similar on-street facilities exist, cyclists are less likely to ride on sidewalks. This increases pedestrian safety on those streets. This project not only creates a safer route for cyclists, but also safer sidewalks for pedestrians and more predictability for all modes of travel on the roadway.

It also is important to note that public outreach will be conducted prior to any decision on the project design or implementation. City officials continue to focus on safety for all street users, ensuring all modes have access to safe streets, paths and trails throughout Alexandria. We will continue to work with the community on these important projects.