City police search for mugger

City police search for mugger

By Derrick Perkins [File Photo]

Alexandria police remain on the hunt for a mugger who robbed a pedestrian on the 400 block of S. Fairfax St. on September 22.

Though a police department spokeswoman did not respond to requests for more information before deadline, the Times obtained an email sent to neighbors by Capt. Don Hayes detailing the holdup.

The mugger, who is not described in Hayes’ account, approached the male victim from behind at about 8:20 p.m. When the victim turned around — against the thief’s orders — he spotted a handgun.

The robber then forced the victim onto the ground and began searching his pockets. The victim eventually surrendered his cash and mobile phone, Hayes wrote.

By the time police officers responded to the scene, the thief had left on foot. Though authorities enlisted a K9 unit in the search, the robber evaded capture.
Officers with the department’s criminal investigation section continue to look into the theft, Hayes wrote. Authorities also stepped up patrols along South Fairfax Street as well as South Columbus Street, the location of another robbery earlier in the month, according to Hayes.