Editorial: The winds of change at the Times

Editorial: The winds of change at the Times

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The adage, “with each ending comes a new beginning” is true in life, and also at the Alexandria Times. This week we say a fond farewell to our editor-in-chief, Derrick Perkins, as he leaves us to pursue a long-time journalistic dream.

Perkins took a Times strength — our coverage of hard news in Alexandria — to new heights during his tenure as editor. From being the first reporter on the scene at the shooting of police officer Peter LaBoy to coordinating our coverage of the Charles Severance murder indictments and the Alexandria waterfront saga, Perkins had a nose for important news.

Fortunately, the Times is in good hands moving forward, as our outstanding reporter Erich Wagner takes the helm. Wagner assumes the title of managing editor, and has carved out a niche as the Port City’s best investigative reporter.

Our dedication to remaining Alexandria’s best source of news will continue under Wagner. In addition, look for a series of in-depth profiles on Alexandria’s most interesting residents. You may be surprised to find out just who is living in your midst. In the coming months, we will also enhance our coverage of local sports.

We also want to hear more from you, our readers, on what you would like to see covered in the Times. To make the submission of your story ideas easier, we are adding a form to our website that will enable you to send your ideas directly to our news team. Just go to www.alextimes.com and click on Contact Us, under the About Us banner. We will review these submissions weekly and work as many of them as possible into the paper.

Finally, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Kristen Essex, our associate publisher and director of sales and marketing, to the post of co-publisher. Essex is well known in the community for her tireless involvement in various business groups, including as an ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce. Expect to see her even more around town, and expect to see more of her innovations, such as the Times Reader’s Choice Awards.

While some may view change with trepidation, at the Times we see it as an opportunity: to see people blossom in new roles, to keep our pages fresh and interesting and to offer our readers increased input. Keep watching these pages for new wrinkles, as Wagner and Essex put their mark on the paper.

Please send us your story ideas, and let us know what you like and dislike on our pages. After all, Alexandria, this is your Times.