Word on the Street

Word on the Street

By Abigail Jurk (File photo)

June is a month of new beginnings. Not only is it the start of summer, but this June also marks the opening of a number of new businesses in Alexandria. Here are a couple of ideas if you’re looking for somewhere new and interesting to spend your time.

What’s New

Old Town has been waiting eagerly for Carluccio’s first U.S. location to arrive and now the doors are finally open. The restaurant is located at 100 King St. and boasts more than just a sit-down restaurant: it is an Italian market and cafe as well. Those looking for a meal filled with fresh Italian ingredients — many of which are house-made, others which are imported from Italy — will enjoy the restaurant; the trendy yet unassuming bar offers a spot for drinks with friends. If you find an ingredient or food you like, you might be able to take it home with you. The Italian market features a variety of oils, vinegars, cheeses, pastries and other treats available for purchase.

The ambience of the restaurant is fresh and modern. The walls are hung with Italian-style paintings and photos that subtly allude to the traditional idea of Italian restaurants, but blend it with modernity to create a unique vibe. The menu follows this theme: traditional Italian dishes such as risottos and handmade pastas with plenty of Italian cheeses and meats. Carluccio’s currently begins serving dinner at 4 p.m., but on July 1 they will begin offering both breakfast and lunch as well, beginning at 7 a.m.

What’s Happening

Del Ray also added to its repertoire this month with the introduction of Ease Yoga and Cafe. The yoga studio at Ease is unique in that it is the first studio in the area to feature a rope wall. A rope wall allows the participant to use their own muscles and body weight as part of their workout. Besides the rope wall, Ease also offers many creative and unique classes: warm yoga, curvy yoga, gentle therapeutic yoga, mindful yoga and even a meditation and tea class, just to name a few. There are classes available for all age groups and all levels of experience.

After the yoga class is over, participants can stroll over to the cafe at Ease. The cafe features cold-pressed juices from Senzu juicery, fresh-made smoothies, soups, sandwiches and more. The goal of Ease Yoga and Cafe is to involve everyone in aspects of wellness, and having a cafe that provides healthy, fresh food options right next to the yoga studio offers another way for Ease’s customers to take care of their bodies.

The cafe connected to the yoga studio gives participants a chance to socialize with others in their classes and have fun with one another before or after class. Ease Yoga and Cafe, located at 3051 Mount Vernon Ave., adds yet another option of fun and health to the neighborhood.