Your View: We need new leadership in City Hall


By Herve Aitken, Alexandria

To the editor:

I am writing to respond to Lynn Hampton’s letter to editor in the July 23 edition of the Alexandria Times stating that Alexandria “cannot get any better” city finances (“City’s debt isn’t an issue, according to financial experts”). Hampton said “we have an amazingly well run city” and that “[we] should re-elect our current city council, including a write in vote for Mayor Bill Euille.”


Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg defeated Euille in a fair election and it would be sour grapes for Bill Euille to run a write-in campaign.

I understand Alexandria is a half a billion dollars in debt, which amounts to $3,581 per resident according to Hampton’s estimate of 140,000 residents.

Alexandria’s city roadways are not well maintained, witnessed by hundreds, if not thousands of potholes and sunken manhole covers.

The character of Alexandria is being remolded into a New York warehouse district, from its federalist appearance both on U.S. Route 1 and on the waterfront.

We need new leadership such as that provided by Silberberg and Republican city council candidates Townsend Van Fleet, Bob Wood and Fernando Torrez to reinstate Alexandria to its beauty and pay tribute to its heritage and unique roots.