Your View: By all accounts, Alexandria is doing well

Your View: By all accounts, Alexandria is doing well
Alexandria City Hall. (file photo)

By Lynn Hampton, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
It is election time in Alexandria. It is hard to miss. Of course, the message we get from the challengers is that the city is in trouble. I am not sure what city they mean. The Alexandria I know is responsive and progressive. These are a few of the awards and activities I found on the Internet:

• Third safest city (population 100,000 to 500,000) in America;

• No. 13 out of 405 American cities for women entrepreneurs to launch a business

• 100 acres of parks recently added;

• New and renovated schools;

• T.C. Williams High School is fully accredited;

• AAA Bond rating by Moody’s and Standard and Poors;

• No. 5 in top 10 best downtowns;

• One of America’s top art places;

• Platinum level certification in the VML Green Government Challenge;

• Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration;

• Third best city for millennials;

• Fifth most romantic city in the U.S.

Plus, many new businesses have relocated to our city.

City council challengers say we are too much in debt, but the major rating agencies recently rated the city AAA stable, the highest rating possible. The rating agencies say the city’s management practices are “strong, well-embedded and likely sustainable.” They are the experts, not someone who is trying to get a seat on council by making false accusations.

Alexandrians are smarter than to go for the challengers and their stories. The majority of Alexandrians are satisfied with the direction of the city and its quality of life.

There are important activities in front of us. I trust Mayor Bill Euille and the Democratic city councilors to continue to lead us for the next three years.