Your View: Euille’s administration has chipped at Alexandria’s historic feel

Your View: Euille’s administration has chipped at Alexandria’s historic feel

By Herve Aitken, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
I am writing in response to the letter in the Times’ August 20 edition asking “[w]hat is it about Euille’s candidacy that so concerns the vice mayor’s supporters?” (“Arguments against Euille’s write-in campaign don’t hold water”).

First, I am upset by the frenetic pace of the construction of townhouses on nearly every open green spot in Alexandria. I bank at Wells Fargo on Washington and Princess streets. The Euille administration permitted the building of five townhouses on Princess and Columbus streets that cut the bank’s parking lot by more than half and induces illegal parking on visits to the bank.

Second, the Euille administration permitted townhouse building at Wilkes and Columbus streets, eliminating my granddaughter’s favorite hotdog building.

Third, the Euille administration permitted the building of 22 townhomes in the 1300 block of Wilkes Street, which, in part, induced me to sell my home in the 1200 block of Wilkes Street.

Clearly, this frenetic and not well-thought out pace of building has disrupted my life. I have resided in the D.C. area since 1967 and moved to Alexandria in 1988 because of its attractive Federal style of architecture. The Euille administration is destroying the allure of Alexandria by permitting the building of New York Warehouse-style buildings along U.S. Route 1 near Madison and Montgomery streets. This ruins the Federal character, charm and appeal of Alexandria.

I leave the debate on Alexandria’s rising debt of $530 million — and for what projects — to others more knowledgeable of the facts.

These are some of the reasons I support Allison Silberberg for mayor, and Republicans Townsend “Van” Van Fleet, Monique Miles, Bob Wood and Fernando Torrez for city council to stop the carnage and plunder of Alexandria’s character, beauty, appeal and resources.

It is time for new blood to lead Alexandria in the 21st century.