Your View: Euille’s argument for a write-in campaign is specious


By Katy Cannady, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
Mayor Bill Euille’s announcement that he’s still running for mayor shows us once again that he and his supporters can always rearrange the facts to suit their purposes. Somehow, in their eyes, because Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg won the Democratic primary with less than 50 percent of the vote, that makes her victory tainted.

Bill Clinton was elected president with 43 percent of the popular vote. On top of that, his two opponents, President George H. W. Bush and Ross Perot, probably agreed more with each other than with Clinton. Those of us who are Democrats are glad the first President Bush could not demand a do-over.

Now we can look forward to two more months of Euille telling us that his policies will at some point improve our financial outlook so much we’ll have lower property taxes. In his 12 years as mayor, property taxes were lowered in a few years, but overall, the trajectory was upward. We are told if we just give him another three years that will change.

At his announcement party, one Euille supporter claimed that the November election is a run-off for the Democratic primary. It is not. It is a general election in which every registered voter can participate. Most voters will want to vote for a new mayor, who, during her time on city council, has shown a willingness to listen to the citizens.



  1. Everyone in my building that I’ve talked to is in favor of Euille – they can relate to him better. Counting spouses, that’s easily 100+ right there.

    Besides, as a renter, I have no complaints about rising property taxes. In fact, thanks to the sluggish housing markets, my rents are quite stable.

    • As a homeowner, I am concerned about property taxes. Yes, our real estate tax rate has increased overall since 2007–just like every other jurisdiction in Northern Virginia. However, Silberberg has not come up with any plans to lower taxes. She has stuck to vague campaign slogans. I am glad that Euille is backing the write-in campaign and I will certainly write his name in.

  2. Perot cost Bush Sr. nothing in 1992. There is zero empirical evidence to support that myth, but plenty to contradict it and suggest the opposite.

    Bush Sr.’s approvals in election season 1992 were where Jimmy Carter’s (JIMMY CARTER!!!) were in 1980 (and much lower than W in 2004):

    Clinton was beating Bush much worse, and Bush was polling 37-40% when Perot was gone:

    Exit polls showed Perot didn’t affect the popular outcome:

    “If Mr. Perot had not been on the ballot, 38 percent of his voters said, they would have voted for Gov. Bill Clinton, and 38 percent said they would have voted for President Bush.”

    Perot was not a conservative but center-left: Perot was pro-abortion, pro gun-control, and to both of the candidates’ left on free trade.

    For Bush to have won 270 EVs, he’d have needed to win almost every state he lost by less than 5, which doesn’t happen when a president has Carteresque election year approvals ( Also note that he’d have needed WI, but Dukakis won that when Bush was popular, so Bush wasn’t going to win when he was very unpopular.

    Clinton was no fluke but rather a massive electoral college sea change. From 1968-1988, IL, NM, CA, NJ, VT, and NH went Republican 6 out of 6 times, MI, DE, CT, ME 5 out of 6 times, PA, ME, MD 4 out of 6 times. Those states alone add up to 161 EVs. These states (except NH in 2000 and NM in 2004) have all gone Democrat 6 for 6 (in races with and without Perot) since Bill and Hillary Clinton came along, in races with and without Perot.

    Trump would be Nader; who exit polls showed actually did take more from Gore than Bush, in a MUCH closer election

    Even a conservative has recently given up on this lie.

  3. “It is a general election in which every registered voter can participate. ”

    Precisely. And we can and should vote. There is no reason to be afraid of democracy, or to attack someone for running.

    “Most voters will want to vote for a new mayor, who, during her time on city council, has shown a willingness to listen to the citizens.”

    Maybe. Most voted against Silberberg in the primary, but that could change. It is certainly difficult to win as a write in candidate. I know that Silberberg has not listened to my concerns, and I will not be voting for her.

  4. With regards to property taxes rising. Do you want your property to appreciate in value so you can recoup some of your investment? Then you have to deal with paying increased property taxes.

    If you don’t like that, then be a renter.

    Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society. If you don’t want taxes, move to Dubai. I’m sure you’ll love it there.

  5. Saw an empty brand new Toyota Van with Alexandria Toyota Dealer plates and a “Write in Euille” sign on it parked at the Giant on Duke St. Wonder what their angle is.

    Don’t really know Euille but he had his time in the office and he agreed to abide by the winner of the democratic primary. So much for integrity.