Your View: Monique Miles will bring new perspective to city council

Your View: Monique Miles will bring new perspective to city council
Alexandria City Hall. (file photo)

By Miranda Bond, Alexandria

To the editor:
Often, the influence that millennials like myself have on the economy and America’s workforce is underestimated. Very soon, my peers and I will represent the largest chunk of the workforce. Furthermore, it is projected that 86 million millennials will make up the workplace by 2020 — representing 40 percent of the total working population. Essentially, in a few short years, we will be driving the economy both nationally and here in Alexandria.

Monique Miles understands the challenges that my generation faces and will be an advocate for the millennial voice, a voice that is currently underrepresented in local government. For this reason, I support her in her campaign for Alexandria City Council. As a young person or someone invested in Alexandria’s future here is why you should join me in supporting Miles:

• Unlike her opponents, she has a great plan to attract small businesses. As a savvy small business owner, Miles knows firsthand what it takes to run a business and has met with countless local business owners on the campaign trail.

Alexandria is a great place to live because of all of the unique shops and restaurants, but lately, I see more and more empty storefronts. Miles supports reducing Alexandria’s business, professional and occupational tax across all business categories, which will make the city a more attractive place to set up shop.

• Currently, city council has six members who all think alike, and this perpetuates groupthink. Does the city want six people on our city council who think the exact same way?

It would be great to have a young, intelligent woman on council who will bring a fresh perspective to the various issues the body tackles. Miles is smart, dedicated and a proven compromiser. I am confident that she will work with her fellow city councilors and in the city’s best interests.

A diverse city council would not have pushed through the waterfront project, but would have deliberated according to the wishes of all city residents. I chose to live in Alexandria over D.C. or Arlington because of its history and charm. I have concerns about plans for the waterfront, and I know many neighbors who share my concerns. There needs to be more public debate about this project and other issues moving forward. As a constituent and voter, I want to know that my city council values my opinions and concerns.

I hope to buy a home soon and to settle down permanently in Alexandria. But I have serious concerns about living in a city where the local government does not listen to all its citizens. Many of my fellow millennials in Alexandria feel the same way. To preserve what makes our city great, we need to move forward and bring a new voice to local government. We need Monique Miles on Alexandria City Council.