Your View: Alexandria needs Allison Silberberg

Your View: Alexandria needs Allison Silberberg
Allison Silberberg (Courtesy Photo)

By Carolyne Roehrenbeck, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
Alexandrians should be tired by now of the daily unsupported attacks on Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg based on votes taken out of context and distortions of her public policy views. Despite the negative campaigning, Silberberg has kept to the high road and continued to focus on issues.

Before you vote on November 3, please keep in mind: A life-long Democrat, she is the party’s nominee for mayor. Silberberg has always worked for Democrats, including U.S. Sen. Lloyd Bentsen. She has been involved in many Democratic campaigns, including her own 2012 campaign for city council. Many prominent Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Don Beyer, former Mayor and state Sen. Patsy Ticer and state Sen. Adam Ebbin have endorsed Silberberg.

The three candidates in June’s mayoral primary pledged they would honor the outcome of the election. However, Mayor Bill Euille reneged on that pledge and took a “leave of absence” from the Democratic Party to run his write-in campaign.

As an advocate for affordable housing, Silberberg voted against the Beauregard plan, because she wanted more affordable housing units — not less. Although the Beauregard Plan included 800 new affordable housing units, it authorized the demolition of more than 2,400 units, a net loss of 1,600 units. The vice mayor urged as a compromise that the developer build more than the 800 affordable housing units.

Education is a top priority for Silberberg. She has focused on providing better educational opportunities for children and has consistently voted for sufficient funding for Alexandria’s public schools. She has worked with and mentored children. A key priority of hers is to “push for excellence in our schools.” Not surprisingly, Silberberg has been endorsed by the Education Association of Alexandria and the Alexandria Political Action Committee for Education.

Silberberg is not against development or developers, but she champions development that is rational while protecting our neighborhoods and the historic nature and character of Old Town. As she often says, we are stewards of this very historic national treasure for generations to come.

Restoring trust in our city’s government is extremely important to the vice mayor. As mayor, Silberberg would conduct fewer closed-door executive sessions. She will demand more transparency at City Hall and request that staff memos sent to city councilors be posted at the same time on the city’s website.

Silberberg has been completely transparent in her campaign contributions — citizens know where her campaign contributions are coming from. Euille has accepted more than $100,000 in contributions from developers and construction interests, while Silberberg has refused to accept donations from anyone with a known interest before our city government.

This is a crucial issue for Alexandrians as they go to the polls. As Donald Trump said, he made campaign contributions to politicians because it gave him influence. As mayor, Silberberg’s decisions will not be influenced by who contributed to her campaign.

Please consider these facts and cast your vote for Allison Silberberg for mayor on November 3.