Your View: Elections offer a chance at two-party democracy

Your View: Elections offer a chance at two-party democracy

By Randall McDonald, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
In a few weeks, Alexandrians will have the opportunity to return to a two-party democracy with the November 3 city council elections. Why an all-Democratic city council now governs us lies in the hands of city councilors Justin Wilson and Tim Lovain, who lost their council seats in May 2009 to Republicans Frank Fannon and Alicia Hughes.

Within five days of the 2009 election, Wilson set forth a docket item to move the subsequent election from May 2012 to November 2012 to coincide with the presidential election. This allowed the local Democrats to ride the coattails of the presidential race. After much debate at a June 2009 public hearing, the two lame duck city councilors had a plan in place to get back on the body. In November 2012, the two incumbent Republican city councilors were defeated at the polls.

In a few weeks, the engaged, active and concerned Alexandrians will have a chance to return a two-party system of government to our city. For the last three years of one-party rule, the voices of Alexandrians have not been heard. Residents should reflect on what the current city council promised and what was delivered.

Did they seek public engagement prior to making decisions on issues impacting the city and citizens? Think about the infrastructure issues of the city — roads, sewage, bridges, parking, affordable housing, taxes, fire, transportation and police services, quality of life and standard of living — have there been improvements in these areas?

We need a two-party council to bring balance to the management of our city to ensure all Alexandrians’ voices are heard.