Your View: Euille deserves another term

Your View: Euille deserves another term

By Bill Harris, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
Alexandria is a well-governed city where I’ve been proud to live for the past 30 years. A major reason our city is such a good place to live is the strong leadership of our two past mayors, Kerry Donley from 1996 to 2003 and Bill Euille from 2003 to the present.

Unfortunately, in the recent primary election for mayor, these two good candidates split their support, allowing a less qualified person to eke out a win to become the Democratic candidate by only 312 votes.

Euille grew up in Alexandria, graduated from its schools, began a business here and has the city at heart. Before becoming mayor, he had previous experience as a member of the city school board, as a member of city council and as a successful businessman. He has the experience and dedication we need in our mayor.

As our current mayor, Euille has given leadership to good schools and moved to increase the tax base through new construction in Potomac Yard, the Eisenhower Valley and on the West End. The city’s finances are sound and its credit ratings are good. Euille has supported affordable housing, good schools and the needs of our elderly citizens.

I have been a longtime advocate for our elderly citizens, especially those less fortunate, and Euille shares these values. On November 3, I will be writing in his name for mayor because of his record of good leadership in the past, and because of his lifelong commitment to making Alexandria a great city.