Your View: Lorber is the right choice for Alexandria’s school board

Your View: Lorber is the right choice for Alexandria’s school board

By Nancy Runton, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
For District B of the Alexandria City School Board, I would like to fully endorse Margaret Lorber. Her time as a resident, parent of two successful graduates of Alexandria City Public Schools and her employment as the parent liaison at the English language learners’ center shows that she is more than just a person knowledgeable about the city and the schools; she is passionate. Success for all students and their families, no matter what their story or where they live, is first and foremost in her mind and in her heart.

In the August 27 edition of the Times, Lorber wrote a letter to the editor outlining the basis of her campaign platform: repairing deteriorating infrastructure, supporting families to become effective advocates for their children and support for teachers. I have been an ACPS employee for 13 years, and I understand and support each of these three platforms with Margaret.

In my opinion, Lorber’s most important platform component is to engage parents, and this has been my focus for years as well. The reason is this: if parents do not understand either the value of education or the activities going on daily in the classroom, they may be less able to support their children and grow their own understanding of education’s value. Parents need to know the critical lessons taught in school, and they need to know how to support their children’s homework completion.

Lorber knows well what difficulties parents have in their understanding of the academics, homework, a place to study, and how to support the ongoing needs of our population. She will work hard to support our families.

According to ACPS’ 2020 strategic plan, the district believes in academic excellence and educational equity, and with Lorber’s keen insight into family needs, she will be able to listen, consider a variety of opinions and comments, and then make appropriate judgments and decisions for our school community. She is familiar with the needs of all grades and ages of ACPS students.

Additionally, she understands the critical importance of family and community engagement as stated above, the need for supporting teachers and staff, the need for improved facilities, the health of the students and families and assuring that operations of facilities are effective.

Lorber grew up in a family of educators with a healthy respect for how a well-run school system can empower faculty and staff encouraging our children to learn and flourish within their classrooms. Her insights will be so valuable to this school system.

Margaret Lorber has my vote and my 100 percent support for her school board candidacy in District B. Please consider giving her your vote, too.