Your View: Miles will change Alexandria for the better

Your View: Miles will change Alexandria for the better

By Louis G. Whiting, Pastor, My Father’s House Christian Church, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
I’m writing in support of Monique Miles’ campaign for city council. This November, voters will decide the direction of our city. Miles’ leadership can impact that direction in two major ways: strengthening the economy by encouraging entrepreneurship and improving the city’s social conditions, like affordable housing.

Miles’ idea of smart growth identifies and nurtures entrepreneurship and the very best opportunities for business growth. It ensures that all citizens enjoy Alexandria’s prosperity. She has a business plan that will benefit businesses as well as families. Miles’ strong leadership will also consider regional growth.

As Alexandria’s entrepreneurial base increases there will be a need for cooperation with surrounding municipalities.

Miles’ strong abilities will position her to win support for positive change for residents’ quality of life. Change is not easy and can even attract opposition. A successful city leader will build a high-performing team of volunteers and civil servants, collaborating with grassroots organizations and fostering community partnerships and creating a successful
approach to achieving affordable housing for the citizens of Alexandria.

Miles’ leadership will create and forge a stakeholder consensus with the city’s population and business community. I know she will value every person’s opinion and treat him or her with respect.

She is a valued and committed leader in the community and has proven to be an asset. Miles is very personable, talented and a hard worker with a zeal and compassion for her community.

Miles is people-oriented, approachable, concerned about quality, an excellent communicator and a valuable member of the city of Alexandria. Without reservation I stand as a witness to her character, professionalism and look forward to her as my choice to sit on city council.