Filling in the blanks: Charting the course of Alexandria City Public Schools

Filling in the blanks: Charting the course of Alexandria City Public Schools
School board chairwoman Karen Graf

By Karen Graf

This week, Alexandria City Public Schools is launching ACPS 2020, a strategic plan that will provide our roadmap for the next five years.

Drawing up a direction for a whole school community is not an easy task. The development of the plan has involved input from many members of the Alexandria community, including those 25 members that served on the plan’s stakeholders committee. Special thanks to them for spending most of the last school year on the project and contributing to the writing of the document.

On Friday, ACPS will celebrate the way forward for the school division. And you are invited to join the celebration. The next five years are charted and our school leadership is set to achieve the plan’s goals. Come and hear about the plan and celebrate its launch with us.

The ACPS 2020 Strategic Plan is based on this mission statement: Every student succeeds. ACPS is focused on becoming a high-performing school division, which embraces diversity and works with equity in mind.

Superintendent Alvin Crawley and staff are personalizing learning plans and tailoring them to every student, with a focus on using data to track every child. His team is striving for equity through the modernization of facilities so that every student has an optimal learning environment, with equal access to programming opportunities.

Our school community embraces diversity through ensuring that every child has the best education that Alexandria can offer. ACPS 2020 focuses on inclusivity, rigor and academic excellence for all sub-groups. ACPS 2020 is a strategic roadmap that guides our direction for everything the division does over the next five years.

Join in on Twitter with #EveryStudent. Come Friday to Jefferson-Houston School at 5:30 p.m. to launch our balloons. Join in the discussion with the superintendent and goal owners, and enjoy free pizza and refreshments. There is also transportation to and from the event at a campus closest to you. Check the ACPS website for details.

Come and celebrate our future with us. We think this is worth celebrating.
The writer is the chairwoman of the Alexandria City School Board.