Your View: Parental engagement is paramount to school success

Your View: Parental engagement is paramount to school success

By Lauren Eliza Fish, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
As a former student of Alexandria City Public Schools, I wish to provide my perspective on the future plans of ACPS, having recently read a letter to the editor in the Times entitled, “Ushering in a new era of community involvement in local schools” (November 12).

I am in agreement that teaching and learning “can only be so effective when the infrastructure and institutional supports are weak.” Without support from the community, a school and its students cannot be successful.

From personal experience, which can be backed up by a study from the National Education Association, it is most important to make sure parents of the students are involved in their school and education. School board chairwoman Karen Graf discussed engaging the community through the six-step strategic plan in her letter, but I believe that there should be specific focus on getting families involved.

Some effective ways to do this would be by encouraging and improving school’s parent teacher associations and also having an open dialogue with families about anything from the curriculum to extracurricular activities their children are involved in.

Regardless of a family’s income or social background, students whose parents are involved in their children’s school and education are more likely to be successful and are known to have a more enriching experience in their education.