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Sit down with Maia Paglinawan Carney of TeamWorX and you immediately feel her passion for health and fitness. At the same time she makes you feel completely at ease. Paglinawan Carney originally named her fitness studio The WorX but soon realized the pivotal role that team dynamics plays in the success of her clients, so she now calls it TeamWorX. Her fundamental belief is that everyone can reach their fullest potential in an environment where the team is working towards a common goal. She fostered a culture where people dig deep within themselves while encouraging others to do the same.

TeamWorX started as a boot camp, at times held in one of the client’s back yards. After a couple of moves, TeamWorX now occupies a large space at 5402 Eisenhower Ave., where yellow walls and black accents convey a sense of energy. The fitness studio boasts specialized equipment such as battle ropes and TRX suspension trainer.

TeamWorX classes include Bootcamp, LeBarre and BeachBody Live formats P90X and Insanity. Bootcamp challenges your body like never before. It is a complete body workout that uses functional and metabolic training. Unlike the home DVDs, P90X Live offers frequent new releases designed to keep clients continually engaged and challenged. Insanity Live offers high intensity interval training, which has been proven effective in improving fitness levels and increasing metabolism, allowing more calories to be burned throughout the day. Growing stronger, building muscle and losing fat are all health benefits of these amazing classes.

A unique offering from TeamWorX is a program called The Journey. During your “Eight Week Journey,” each member is supported by a personal coach who guides clients through the regimen. These highaccountability groups keep clients focused on and committed to their goals. What is truly special is that these are volunteer coaches who have found success and want to pay it forward. They ascribe to the TeamWorX core belief that you can’t get to where you want to be without helping someone else. Paglinawan Carney is also happy to customize personal training sessions to help clients meet specific goals.

Paglinawan Carney’s petite stature belies her impressive resume. She has years of experience as a high school and college athlete as well as a four-time state champion rugby coach. She is one of a select group of P90X master trainers, and she’s offering an upcoming training session on January 24.

TeamWorX prides itself on delivering variety, so your workout is always fresh and challenging. The support and encouragement keeps you going during your workout and keeps you coming back. Paglinawan Carney has created a true sense of community where all body types, ages and levels of fitness are embraced. Her loyal clients, who travel from as far as Columbia, Md. and Woodbridge, are a testament to this strong sense of community.

Come out to TeamWorX’s free fitness festival April 23 from 9 a.m. to noon at Queen of Apostle Church, 4329 Sano St., Alexandria. New clients can take advantage of an amazing offer of only $21 for 21 days.

TeamWorX is located at 5402 Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria. For more information, call 540-421-8527 or go to   

A Special Advertising Feature of the Alexandria Times