Your View: The Torpedo Factory, from the artists’ perspective

Your View: The Torpedo Factory, from the artists’ perspective

By Don Viehman, President, Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association (File photo)

To the editor:
Thank you for your article about the Torpedo Factory (“Torpedo Factory board split on overhaul,” February 11). Including the point of view of the Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association artists and The Art League in the discussion might well have provided a more accurate and complete picture of the situation.

Most of the nearly 500,000 visitors per year to the Torpedo Factory love the experiences of visiting studios, talking with the artists, seeing the art they produce, learning about the processes involved in creating the art, perhaps attending an art event and attending an Art League class.

The artists and the Art League together started the Torpedo Factory, slowly but surely built the center over more than 40 years into a viable, long-lived, nationally and internationally known art destination. We paid for the renovation, operation, and maintenance of the building over time through our rents and businesses, and established a creative community that contributes $16 million annually to Alexandria’s economy.

Like organizations and people everywhere, we change, discuss and argue, make mistakes and learn, while we constantly work to improve and help Alexandria move forward.

It is our hope that the citizens of Alexandria recognize the full value in the Torpedo Factory and continue to support a strong, artist operated and led facility that allows art to grow and flourish for everyone.