Here come the boys

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Plenty goes into planning a wedding, especially for a groom, who has plenty to put together even before the start of the nuptials themselves. Gone are the days of simply turning up with a best man and some rings: weddings are now an operation for grooms, even if plenty of other planning already has been taken care of.

One of the most important tasks facing men is deciding who their best man and groomsmen are to be. The number can vary depending on the number of bridesmaids or other groomsmen joining the bride. The best man has one of the biggest jobs of all the wedding party, as it is his responsibility to plan the bachelor party, lead the party of groomsmen, get the groom to the ceremony on time, carry the rings and act as a legal witness to the wedding.

There are no hard and fast rules on whom a groom should choose as his best man and groomsmen. Family members from either side are a good bet to be involved, while it can be a good way to build bridges by including your future spouse’s brothers if they have any. Young children’s involvement can be a way to make them feel involved, either if they are from previous marriages or the current relationship. Close friends can also be selected for groomsmen duties, while some couples are unorthodox and select the family pet instead.

Once your best man and groomsmen are selected, one of the most important decisions for the men is deciding what to wear. Often, it will not solely be up to the groom to choose what he wears, especially as the wedding’s theme and color scheme are decided by the couple and any wedding planners they may use.

Perhaps the groomsmen will wear tuxedos, in which case it most likely will fall to the groom to pick a style and color scheme and arrange a date for a fitting that works for everyone. Stylistic concerns can make things more complex, as the groomsmen can be fitted for additions like waistcoats, cummerbunds and other accessories.

A more informal wedding may only require the groom and his groomsmen to wear a suit, a catchall solution that could prove a useful addition to one’s wardrobe for years to come. Coordination can be easy with this option, as ties and silk handkerchiefs can be matched. Meanwhile, the suit’s color is flexible too, so long as there is coherence. If groomsmen are buying their own suits, it may be recommended to stick with navy blue and black as color choices, as gray suits have numerous shades and patterns.

If the wedding is even more casual, like on a beach, there is even more flexibility in attire. It is always a good idea, especially when there is room for improvisation, to communicate with your future spouse and make sure there are no nasty surprises on the day itself.

An area where the groom can let their personality shine through and let their creative side run wild is wedding transportation, especially for how they and their groomsmen choose to get to the venue. Some grooms choose to rent cars, be they classic and antique or the more modern stretch limousines. One thing to bear in mind when it comes to renting classic cars is that companies often have only one or two available, given how expensive they are to purchase, maintain and keep safe for the roads of today.

But turning up in style in a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, a Pontiac Bonneville or one of the other legions of classic cars can mean the groom makes quite an entrance, and then a memorable exit once the nuptials are over with. Meanwhile, stretch limousines make a good option, especially as they have plenty of space and are usually very comfortable. Unfortunately, the cost can be prohibitive given how much gas they burn through among other factors.

Finally, those grooms looking to be a bit less flashy can just show up in their own vehicles. It keeps things simple and ensures that the focus remains on the wedding celebration and not on anything else.

As for grooming the groom before the big day, there are a variety of things that need to be kept in mind. Similar to a bride’s preparations, it might be an idea to visit a hair salon for a professional to get your hair ready for the wedding, while a professional shave by a reputable barber will also have you looking your best. The Art of Shaving is one such barber option, and make sure that the barber is skilled, as having pieces of toilet paper covering bloody spots is never a good look for the wedding photos.

The groom’s role in preparing and executing a wedding is vital, but can be relatively painless if done well. A celebration can be made memorable for the groom, even if they may not feel like the center of attention.

A Special Advertising Feature of the Alexandria Times