Your View: Put new Metro station plans on hold

Your View: Put new Metro station plans on hold

By James Larocco, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
As each day brings more news of the meltdown at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority, I find it inexplicable that our representatives in Richmond and city councilors all are not rallying to block any move to put taxpayer money into a Metro station at Potomac Yard.

The last straw for me was being held up for more than an hour last week when a train broke down in the tunnel near the Rosslyn station. The unreliability of the Metro system has no end in sight, and it would be the height of irresponsibility for our lawmakers to spend our money — hundreds of millions of dollars — to expand our connection to a broken system.

I need not say more; we have all read the news, day after day documenting the failure of the Metro. But I also have listened to fellow passengers in a panic as they were going to miss a key job interview or an appointment, including meetings right here in Alexandria.

Frantic phone calls home were to no avail. When you can’t move because of breakdowns or
single tracking, you are helpless and hopeless.

Unless and until WMATA can get its act together, the only prudent course of action is to hold off on any movement toward a new Metro station. Anything else is irresponsible.