Your View: Bikeshare makes neighborhoods more attractive

Your View: Bikeshare makes neighborhoods more attractive
(Derrick Perkins)

By J.M. Shockley, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
I am writing in response to “Keep Bike- share station out of our neighborhood,” (May 19). It is confusing as to why the author is concerned that adding a local Capital Bikeshare station will decrease neighborhood property values.

Who does she think the future homebuyers will be? My fiancee and I are both residents of Alexandria and we are both millennial professionals.

A Capital Bikeshare station makes a neighborhood more attractive to us, not less. The ability to access local downtown areas and parks by non-motorized means is a hallmark of a healthy, active society, and we have every intention of starting our family in a community where this is possible.

The millennial generation subscribes strongly to this notion. In fact, a recent study by the Stevens Institute of Technology has shown that property values increased in Pittsburgh neighbor- hoods where bike sharing programs were in- stalled. This use of 52 feet of curbside green space barely worthy of the name is a forward- thinking act by the City of Alexandria.