Your View: Keep Bikeshare station out of our neighborhood

Your View: Keep Bikeshare station out of our neighborhood
(Derrick Perkins)

By Mary Jean Crowley, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
I found out last week that city officials intend to place a 52-foot long, fix-foot wide Capital Bikeshare station complete with 19 bike spaces, a pay center and a large sign at the corner of Powhatan and Second streets, cementing over hundreds of square feet that are currently green space. This is slated to occur in June.

We who live here and pay taxes here do not want it in our residential neighborhood. I have been paying taxes on my property for 42 years and do not want it devalued by the installation of a Bikeshare station at the end of my street.

Put Bikeshare locations in commercial areas, not residential ones.

We were not informed about this or solicited for feedback. We were not given any consideration or asked for anything. We just were told what the city plans to do. I didn’t know that’s what happens in a democracy.

Do not put this station in my neighborhood — find a commercial area. We pay plenty in taxes and have a right to a voice.