Police announce arrest in First Street homicide

Police announce arrest in First Street homicide
(File Photo)

By Chris Teale (File photo)

The Alexandria Police Department announced Friday morning it charged a man in connection with the slaying of Saquan Hall earlier this month.

Dijuan Clark, 30, was apprehended by authorities on July 21, 2016, in another state. He is in custody and is awaiting the extradition process to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Police spokeswoman Crystal Nosal confirmed he is the brother of Pierre Clark, 28, who was shot around noon on the 1000 block of Montgomery St. June 8. Clark’s slaying remains unsolved.

He is accused of the homicide of Hall, 23, who was shot multiple times on the 1000 block of First St. early July 2 and died from his injuries in the hospital.

“This crime shook a community already dealing with a death and made many worry for their safety,” said Police Chief Earl Cook in a statement. “I want to thank the community for uniting and helping end the cycle of violence by understanding the necessity of allowing Alexandria police detectives to carry out their investigation. The police department has a strong proven track record of arresting those who commit murder in Alexandria, and this case can be added to their ranks.”

The APD was assisted in its search by the U.S. Marshall Service. Nosal said they helped find Dijuan Clark in the state in which he is located. His location will not be made public, Nosal said, to protect the safety of local officers who will travel to pick him up.

Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact Detective Bikeramjit Gill with the Alexandria Police Department at 703-746-6751.