Your View: Port City Brewing Company shouldn’t rely on public funds

Your View: Port City Brewing Company shouldn’t rely on public funds

By Jimm Roberts, Alexandria (Photo/Chris Teale)

To the editor:
A message to Port City Brewing Company: Give it back! You don’t need our tax dollars, regardless whether it’s in the form of a sweet- heart loan, grant or gift. You are a growing, prosperous firm with historic roots in Alexandria.

You don’t need government largess, especially from Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Don’t allow yourself to be used by this official or by city council. If you let them place your fine firm in the public trough, even if toe-deep, you’ll become a gimme-pig- gy with an unfair advantage over other aspiring breweries and small businesses.

Consider this: It’s not the governor’s job — nor the city’s purpose — to pick winners and losers with taxpayer money. That’s our responsibility, the consuming public.

Instead of taking a financial gift from the governor and from the city, Port City should instead take pride from earning its money and credit- worthiness like every other brewery and small business in Virginia; that is, by managing its resources astutely to deliver an appealing and affordable product that consumers want to purchase.

Taking funds from the state and from the city, regardless of its form, discourages competition — the motor of capitalism, the instigator of efficiency and the wellspring of profits. If you take public money and use it for private gain, in time it will undermine what Port City has achieved with its zeal and skill.